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Long Island Home Inspector, Certified Home Inspections

Before buying a home in New York, you will require services such as a residential or commercial inspector. Their role is to perform a detailed inspection of it before you buy it. Home inspectors can be defined as an organized and detailed assessment of the residential property condition. It generally includes complete physical examination of the functionality, general integrity, and the overall safety and the facilities it has. Through this process we ensure that the buyers are aware of each and every perspective before buying it. Our services are offered in areas such as Nassau, Suffolk County, New York, the 5 boroughs and Westchester County and more. Please call Long Island Home Inspector, Certified Home Inspections 631-921-6602 to schedule an appointment.

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Services Covered

The services that are offered are categorized into different sections such as: roofing, plumbing, foundations, electrical and more. Long Island home inspection agency, Certified also performs detailed analyses of attics, gutters, downspouts, basements, foundations, and crawlspaces so it will not create a problem in future.

Additional Services Offered

  • Lavatory Certified / Mold & Air Quality testing.
  • Lead Water / Radon Testing.
  • NPMA - 33 Termite Reports Included no additional cost.

Why do I need a home inspection?

We all understand that purchasing a house is a huge investment in one’s life. Knowing the condition of a property, condo or co-op before buying it eliminates possibility of unexpected difficulties and unpleasant surprises. Suffolk County home inspectors, Certified will be able to identify any deficiencies that require your attention now or in future. They will give detailed report about it before the purchase. This will enable you to make a sound decision.

In case you already own it, we can identify all problems associated with it and also suggest the preventive measures that will help you avoid any possible and costly repairs in the future. Also if you are a seller, it is quite important as it will make you aware of any repairs that are needed so as to place it in a better selling condition.

Why can’t I do it myself?

It is important to note that even if you are experienced you may lack the necessary expertise and knowledge of a Certified Inspector. We are acquainted with the elements of proper installation, construction, safety and maintenance. We understand how the components and systems work or how they are intended to function and why they fail.

Normally, most buyers find it rather difficult to have a different perspective or remain unemotional about a house they have just fell in love with. This has a huge effect in their judgment and therefore acquiring information is very important. There are several home inspection companies on Long Island, we are a professional third party who will provide the buyer with the necessary and vital information so as to make informed decisions.

My promise to you.

I understand that choosing a right house inspector can be a difficult task. Unlike other professionals, you are likely to meet me when you have hired me. Different inspectors have different equipment, qualifications, experience, pricing and reporting methods. The most important thing is that I will do a lot of work. This is so because a good inspection hugely depends on the individual efforts of an inspector. I guarantee that I will offer the best services at my best effort.

This I Promise.

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